Ambush performs at Weddings? YES... ALOT!

Every couple says, "We want our wedding to be a great party!" and who wouldn't? The key element to a great party is great entertainment. We give your guests a great show and great music, because we want your guests dancing and having fun.
​We pride ourselves on being able to play all your favourite songs that everyone recognizes. We read the crowd and base the music selection on what will work best. We have hundreds of songs in our repertoire and are happy to take requests. Our goal is to have your dance floor packed the entire evening.


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Jane (Bridesmaid)

Thank you so much for rocking at the wedding on Saturday! This is the third family wedding that Ambush has played at and you never disappoint us! Ambush has become family for us as you have been there for my sister, brother and my big days. Only wish you were free for the last wedding in two months...let us know if our schedule changes.  


Wanted to share that When I put my son in the car the night of the wedding to go home he said “mom I got to Rock on the stage with the band two times”. He was so excited and will never forget that look in his eyes.  I also saw that same excitement in my Uncle John’s eyes when he got off the stage and he couldn’t thank me enough for bringing him on stage. Young and old everyone enjoyed it!!


If you ever need a referral I would be more than happy.

Thanks again and will send you pics once we get them back of you on stage rocking.

Michelle & Brandon

​Ever since I met Mark 13 years ago, my dream was to have Ambush play at my wedding! When I met Brandon, I told him about all about Ambush and we went to their local shows together and he got to feel the energy they produce with their personalities, amazing music and stage presence.
When we started planning our wedding and looked into our budget, I was devastated my dream wouldn't be coming true. But after some talks with Mark, we came up with a solution, which was them coming to the ceremony and singing me up the aisle while I walked with my father.
Even after Mark broke his hand just a few short weeks before the wedding, he didn't let me down, and Kris learned to play the song just for the wedding while Mark sang.
On the big day, there wasn't a dry eye in the house when the music started. Because of them, I had the most beautiful ceremony I could have ever dreamt of and it will be a moment I will cherish in my heart forever!
So Mark, Kris and Dan, we want to thank you for everything you did for us on May 14th 2016 and you all will always hold a special place in our hearts! Love you guys!! 


Kimberly & Francis

Thank you so much for the incredible party atmosphere you created during our wedding reception on September 5th! We were more then incredibly satisfied with your performance and we are so happy that our guests had a blast! Thanks again for everything!


Chad & Natalie

We have gone to several weddings in the last couple of years, so we really tried to take the best parts from each wedding as we started to plan our own. For some weddings, it was the food, for others it was the venue or location. But one thing that seemed to separate a good wedding from a great wedding was always the entertainment. We then had to make an important decision: do we go with a live band or a DJ?

Everyone has been to a wedding with a good DJ but only a few can say they have been to a wedding with a great live band. We were now determined to find that band. We searched the Ottawa area for a band that could cater to different age groups, play a variety of music and most importantly, keep our guests on the dance floor for the entire reception. We spent months researching websites, going to pubs and asking our friends. “Ambush” was the name we kept hearing.

We did get Ambush to play at our wedding this past summer and it was one of the best decisions we made. Mark, Kris and Tom were incredible during the entire evening. They were professional, affordable and unforgettable. They had our guests singing on stage with them, our nephew playing the drums with them for a song, and they learned some East Coast songs that made our out-of-town guests feel like they were at home. Now that the wedding is over, we will be forever thankful to Ambush for giving us a wedding that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Even months later, our guests continue to praise Ambush and thank us for a great night.

So now we know deciding between a DJ or a live band is not that hard of a choice after all … get Ambush!


Michelle & Curtis

I don't know how to explain how great you guys were! Ambush was the perfect choice for our daughter's wedding. Because of you and your whole crew, Michelle and Curtis' wedding was the best one we have ever been to! We love all your songs and you rock covers better than the originals. Love the way you talk to us like next door neighbours, just wish we weren't so busy or we would have made more of an effort to make you feel at home. We messed up on quite a few things but Ambush made up for it all. We appreciate you saying that you had a good time...between our daughter and her husband, her beautiful bridesmaids and redneck groomsmen, including 'Big Sexy', I hope you were entertained as well ;) 


Lindsay & Joy

Mark Rick and Tom; I would like to thank-you again for your spectacular performance last Saturday night. I am really impressed with Ambush’s wide range of music that you play and your ability to keep the dance floor full. Ambush is a great party band! Ambush playing at the wedding reception made it a perfect day. I’m not sure if you knew it that Ambush actually made it to the wedding vows on Saturday. As Lindsay was telling Joey how much she loved him in her wedding vows, she continued on telling how much she appreciated that he took her to Ambush concerts (and a couple of other things) in the past. That put a smile on my face. It was amazing that we could keep Ambush playing at their wedding a surprise for Lindsay. We are looking forward to hearing Ambush play in the very near future. Thank-you once again, Paul  


Wayne & Patricia

We would like to thank you for the great night last Saturday at my daughter’s wedding (  Tammy Maheral ). You guys  were so great at getting the guests up on the dance floor and keeping them up all night. That put an end to a perfect day. Again Thank you very much !
Wayne and Patricia Maheral.


Gen & Pascal

"Just had to take a minute to thank you and your group for making Gen and Pascal's wedding dance SOOOOO MUCH FUN! The music was incredible and your interaction with the people was great. Everyone is still commenting on how good the music was and on how much fun they had. Even I don't remember ever dancing so much. We truly hope to have the occasion to hear you play again real soon. Till then rest assured that you will be highly recommended to family and friends." 
Francine (Mother of the Bride)


Tanya & Travis

"My parents NEVER dance and they were on the dance floor all night! A fantastic time was had by all, thanks for the memories."
Tanya & Travis


Kim & Gary

"Your professionalism and showmanship was top notch. You made our special day unforgettable."
Kim & Gary


Penny & Tom

"Thank you, AMBUSH was Awesome! We're recommending you to every new wedding we hear of
Penny & Tom


Heidi & Shawn

"There is only one word for AMBUSH - WOW! The music was perfect for our very mixed crowd."